Does actually the Hellenic Police think we are dumb

Does actually the Hellenic Police think we are dumb? Or is just another crude attempt to cover up the fact that a police officer had a hidden camera on him?

After the publication of photograph showing a member of the riot police outside the court were the trial of the Golden Dawn (far right, neonazi political party) is taking place recording antifascists gathered there and the outcry that followed, the police tried to pull the wool over our eyes by releasing a statement by saying that it was just a powerbank charging his Bluetooth.

Among other things the statement said:

“As it is known, after the publication on the Internet a photograph of a police officer, with a device that resembled a small camera attached to his uniform, explanations were asked by the head of the riot police, and he was called to the police headquarters so that the device could be inspected.


The inspection showed that the device is a portable battery charger (Power Bank) which charges a mobile phone and a wireless headset (Bluetooth) connected to the handset.

As the officer pointed, because of the problematic communications during active duty, the same device is also used by other members of the riot police”

After a thorough search on the web I was unable to find a portable charger with a camera lens on it, unless they are marketed only to members of Greek police


This is the camera used by the officer and that the high-ranking officers of the police identified as a powerbank.


What bothers me most is what was the purpose in using a hidden camera, because it was obviously used to monitor and to target members of antiauthoritarian, anarchist and antifa organizations. Is the police using the (illegal) material or is to be given to Golden Dawn, this is the question.


The only thing that is certain is – more than obvious for anyone with a knowledge of gadgets – that the officer doesn’t have a powerbank in his pocket (noting that the pocket is not part of the standard uniform but is added by him).

In the photos that follow you can see for yourselves how the greek police lies 

In this photo from April 2015 the officer has installed a camera on his helmet recording the movement of protesters or it can be also denied? 


Maybe it is not a camera but something to receive signals from Mars.

Stop underestimate our intelligence, we are not braindead like the supporters of Golden Dawn.

Stop assisting the neo-Nazis attack innocent people